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BlueTech Research Selects Trojan Papers Among the Best at WEFTEC 2015

In the water industry, papers presented at water conferences every year represent the most current body of knowledge in the industry. Conference papers leverage the collective brain-trust of water professionals globally.

BlueTech Research logoBlueTech Research, a premier global provider of water technology market intelligence and a trusted advisor to water industry executives, screened nearly 1,000 papers to be presented at this year’s WEFTEC conference (the largest annual water quality exhibition in the world), with the purpose of identifying key trends, hot topics and to gain insights on the industry.

BlueTech states that:

“Often after a conference papers are lost in the mists of time and can be difficult to find… As such we created a selection of 120 of the most impactful and relevant papers from WEFTEC for those looking to keep their pulse on the key areas of change and innovation in the water industry.”

Trojan Technologies is extremely honoured that all three papers we will be presenting at WEFTEC have been selected by BlueTech as part of their top picks.

Trojan Technologies WEFTEC Papers

  1. 405 Wasetwater Alchemy, Room S402a
    Rotating Belt Filters as Enabling Technology for Energy-Neutral Wastewater Treatment Plants: Current Status and Applications
    Tuesday, September 29th, 2:30 PM
    30 minutes
  2. 604 Low-C Diet for Activated Sludge: Carbon Diversion From the Primary, Room S404d
    Engineered Fractionation of Primary Solids: A Comparison of Primary Treatments Using Rotating Belt Filters and Primary Clarifiers
    Wednesday, September 30th, 2:30 PM
    Speaker: Siva Sarathy, Research Scientist, Trojan Technologies
    30 minutes
  3. 604 Low-C Diet for Activated Sludge: Carbon Diversion From the Primary, Room S404d
    Understanding Primary Treatment Performance and Carbon Diversion Potential of Rotating Belt Filters Using Computational Fluid Dynamics
    Wednesday, September 30th, 4:30 PM
    Speaker: Christopher DeGroot, Research Scientist, Trojan Technologies
    30 minutes