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About Us

Water touches every person on the planet, every single day. As the world’s population increases, so too does the demand for this precious resource.

Water – A Precious Resource

The world’s supply of clean water is under substantial stress due to industrialization, increasing demand, rising biological and chemical contamination amongst other factors. This stress represents a significant threat to world health, our environment, and current and future generations around the globe.

Our Purpose

We enable customers to meet their water quality objectives by providing eco-efficient solutions that reduce and recover costs, energy, resources and space.

Collaboratively solving problems with our customers, we deliver low-risk, innovative technologies that offer sustainable results.

We ensure greater water confidence and environmental stewardship for people, industries and municipalities, improving the lives of over one billion people globally.

Part of Danaher Corporation

Danaher Corporation (DHR : NYSE), is a global science and technology leader. Trojan Technologies is part of Danaher’s environmental segment and water quality platform.

The Danaher water quality group is a global leader in water quality analysis and treatment, providing instrumentation and disinfection systems to help analyze and manage the quality of ultra-pure, potable and wastewater in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

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