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Water Quality Concerns When Reopening Your Business

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many business closed their facilities. As regions are now reopening, business owners should be thinking about something they may not have had to give a lot of thought to before: the water quality in their buildings.

If your business has experienced low, or no water flow conditions in your building due to a shutdown, you should be exercising caution in re-opening regarding your water.

According to the U.S. EPA, the COVID-19 virus has not been detected in drinking water supplies at this time and treatment plants have continued to operate and meet the same water standards as always.

This includes the use of residual disinfectant levels in order to inhibit microbial growth in transit. However, even under normal circumstances, the residual disinfectant typically dissipates in a matter of days or weeks.

We're here to help. Ask us what kind of UV system is best for your needs.

Water Quality in Your Building May be Stagnant & Degraded

Since many businesses have closed their facilities for weeks or even months at a time, the quality of water in service lines to commercial buildings and within those buildings may have degraded and become stagnant.

This significantly increases the risk from opportunistic pathogens like Legionella, some Mycobacteria and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. Growth of non-pathogenic organisms could also impact the taste or smell of a water supply.

This is of particular concern where water use produces aerosols, such as:

  • Showers in gyms, fitness facilities and recreational buildings
  • Showers in hotels, motels and B&Bs
  • Taps in hair salons, barber shops and restaurants
  • Even simple toilet flushing
VIQUA VH410 Home Stainless Steel Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System

VIQUA VH410 UV Water Disinfection System

4 Top Water Tips for Business Owners

1. Understand what actions were taken to bring the building back into service, e.g., flushing, chlorination, etc.

2. Engage a plumber and/or water treatment professional to service/clean the water treatment equipment within your control.

3. Communicate with employees and customers about actions taken.

4. Consider installing a point-of-entry ultraviolet (UV) treatment to minimize risk now and mitigate stagnant water problems in the future.

After the flushing and disinfecting of the plumbing, your business can now create its own “water ecosystem”.

Any subsequent reopenings resulting from COVID-19 or even a boil water advisory will be made simpler and more convenient with your UV system already installed.

Further Things to Keep in Mind for Your Reopening

It takes a concerted effort at every level to prepare businesses from a safe water perspective. Utilities, public health authorities, engineers, building owners, plumbers, water treatment professionals and business owners may all need to be involved.

Key Advantages of UV Disinfection

As mentioned above, installing UV water disinfection system will provide a disinfection barrier to minimize risk now and mitigate future stagnant water problems.

  • UV is a chemical-free, environmentally-friendly process, that adds nothing to the water and will not change taste or odor of the water.
  • Requires no transportation, storage or handling of toxic or corrosive chemicals.
  • Highly effective at inactivating a broad range of microorganisms – including chlorine-resistant pathogens like Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

Tips for Building Owners

  • Contact your government environmental public health departments for advice about building water safety
  • Work with qualified professionals to bring all building services, including water and sewer, back online
  • Communicate information provided by the health department to your building occupants

Tips for Water Treatment Professionals

  • Try to engage building owners before water services are brought back online
  • Protect water treatment equipment from further contamination during service line and plumbing flushes
  • Perform proper flushing, cleaning, sanitizing and servicing of water treatment systems

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Further Resources and References

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Singapore International Water Week 2018

Singapore International Water Week

DATE: Monday, July 9, 2018

Water Expo @ City Solutions Singapore (CSS) is the largest global water event showcasing a comprehensive range of products and services. The highlights of this year’s Water Expo are on Advanced Waste water treatment Technology and Reuse Solutions and Smart Water solutions.

Visit Trojan Technologies at booth B2 T20


Singapore International Water Week 2016 (SIWW)

SIWW 2016 is the Global Platform to Share and Co-create Innovative Water Solutions.

Trojan Businesses Aquafine, TrojanUV and Viqua will unite during Singapore International Water Week, July 10 – 14, at Hall B2, Stand C18. Together, we’re building water confidence throughout the world.

Aquafine logo

Aquafine’s UV technologies are trusted in many industries – including food and beverage, microelectronics, pharmaceutical, power generation and aquaculture. With over 150,000 installaions across 80 countries, we are ready to help you with your water treatment needs. >> see more

At the show, TrojanUV will have a spotlight on Wastewater Disinfection & Reuse and the TrojanUVSigna, which is now available in 2,4 and 6-row configurations. TrojanUVSigna incorporates advanced innovations to reduce the total cost of ownership and simplify operation and maintenance. It’s ideal for treatment plants needing to add disinfection or wanting to replace chlorine. >> see more

VIQUA - Simply Safe Water

Providing UV disinfection systems for home and small businesses. >> see more

Aquatech Amsterdam

Trojan Technologies Businesses Aquafine, Salsnes Filter, TrojanUV and VIQUA will be exhibiting at Aquatech Amsterdam this November. Aquatech is the world’s leading trade exhibition for process, drinking and waste water, and is unique in Europe as the focus is 100% on water.

Booth Highlights

  • Aquafine: Learn more about how Aquafine Corporation’s innovative solutions in advanced UV water treatment systems meet the changing requirements and needs of a diverse customer base around the world.
  • Salsnes Filter: The Salsnes Filter system can improve much more than primary treatment. Drop by to learn how it can help to enhance downstream processes such as BNR and digesters.
  • TrojanUV: Find out why the TrojanUVSigna™ is the ideal solution for wastewater treatment plants who want to easily upgrade their existing UV system, or convert from chlorine.
  • VIQUA: Discover how VIQUA delivers on its promise of Simply Safe Water by manufacturing UV water disinfection systems that keep families safe from microbiological contaminants in their drinking water without the use of chemicals.

Aquatech Amsterdam

Aquatech Amsterdam
November 3 – 6 , 2015
Amsterdam RAI
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Stand # 3.118

Aquafine Analytical Laboratory Launch

In January 2014, a grand opening ceremony was held for a new state-of-the-art lab for Trojan Technologies’ Business Aquafine. The Aquafine Analytical Laboratory (AAL), was established to use the latest research equipment in order to provide customers accurate, timely and cost-effective liquid testing services.

Aquafine Lab

Aquafine Analytical Laboratory

The laboratory is committed to excellence in environmental chemistry and microbiology while understanding individual customer needs and timelines for various project sizes across multiple industry markets. AAL is also dedicated to providing high-quality, value-added services by meeting or exceeding the requirements of ISO guidelines. All of AAL’s analysts have university/college qualifications and are well-trained, highly ethical professionals with extensive experience in liquid analysis, data analysis and reporting.

Aquafine Analytical Laboratory

Aquafine’s state-of-the-art lab

Comprehensive, High-Quality Testing

In Aquafine’s advanced laboratory, comprehensive and high-quality liquid testing occurs under the following parameters to pre-screen for compliance or to ensure system optimization: UV Transmittance, Iron, Color, Total Hardness, Total Dissolved Solids, Total Suspended Solids, Turbidity, Particle Size Analysis, pH, Total and Free Chlorine, Total Alkalinity, Organic load (SAC), Total Organic Carbon, Nitrate, Viscosity, Index of Refraction, Collimated Beam Analysis and others on request.

A select list of laboratory equipment available for service includes: Hach® DR6000 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer with RFID, Agilent Cary® 60 UV-VIS Spectrophotometer, Agilent Cary® 300 BIO UV-VIS Spectrophotometer with integrating sphere, Schmidt + Haensch DSR-λ Multiple Wavelength Digital Refractometer, Brookfield DV-II+Pro Viscometer, Custom Collimated Beam Apparatus, Labconco® Clean Bench with UV Light and EMD Millipore Milli-Q® Direct 8 System with UV Light, providing ultrapure (Type 1) and purified (Type 3) water.

The laboratory was inaugurated and the keys were handed over to Chief Scientist, Ismail Gobulukoglu, Ph.D. by Anthony Surya, Project Manager/Applications Engineer during the grand opening ceremony in January 2014.

Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) 2014

June 1-5, 2014
Sands Expo and Convention Centre, Marina Bay Sands
Singapore, Southeast Asia
Stand #G16

Singapore International Water WeekThe Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) is the global platform to share and co-create innovative water solutions. Stakeholders from the global water industry gather at SIWW to share business opportunities and showcase the latest water technologies. SIWW is part of the strategic programme of the Singapore Government to grow the water industry and develop water technologies.

The Trojan Technologies businesses Aquafine, OpenCEL, Salsnes Filter and TrojanUV will all be on hand under the Trojan Technologies banner at Stand #G16.

SIWW 2014 will feature discussions on four themes, namely: Municipal Water, Industrial Water, Integrated City-Environment-Water, and Future of Water, where we explore forward-looking solutions to meet future challenges and scenarios.

Aquatech Amsterdam

Aquatech AmsterdamThis year at Aquatech Amsterdam Trojan Technologies will have five of our businesses at the show:

  • Aquafine Corporation,
  • OpenCEL
  • Salsnes Filter
  • TrojanUV

If you’re attending the event, please stop by to visit us.
Hope to see you in Amsterdam!

November 5 – 8, 2013
Stand # 03.208

Aquatech Website