Product Brands

Through acquisitions and strategic partnerships, we have diversified our portfolio of affiliates, technologies, and product brands. Trojan Technologies product brands include TrojanUV, Aria Filtra, Aquafine, and VIQUA.

TrojanUV logo


11,000+ municipal system installs in 100+ countries, TrojanUV has the largest municipal UV install base in the world, treating 70 billion+ gallons of municipal and wastewater every day. Learn more

Aria Filtra logo

Aria Filtra (formerly Pall Water)

1200+ Aria Filtra treatment system installs across the world, treating water for 74 million consumers every year. If all the water modules sold by Aria Filtra were to be put end to end, it would circle the globe more than five times. Learn more

Aquafine logo


150,000+ installs around the world, Aquafine systems are a market leader in water treatment for the industrial and commercial markets, including food & beverage, microelectronics, pharmaceutical, aquaculture, and other industrial applications for microbial inactivation, TOC reduction, and chlorine and chloramine reduction. Learn more

VIQUA logo


600,000+ residential and light commercial installs around the world, VIQUA UV systems provide treated drinking water to millions of people every day.  Learn more