Chlorine & Chloramines Destruction

While the addition of chlorine and chloramines to water may control bacteria levels – they also have undesirable certain effects, including the generation of potentially harmful by-products and changes in water chemistry.

Typical chlorine and chloramines treatment methods include carbon beds or chemical injections. However, carbon beds are excellent breeding grounds for bacteria to thrive and proliferate, and the addition of chemicals such as metabisulfite involve removing one chemical with another and isn't always a viable or desirable solution.

As an alternative, UV technology can be utilized to destroy chlorine and chloramines, eliminating the need for chemical handling and possibility of bacteria breeding. 

UV Technology on Chlorine Removal

Research studies supported have demonstrated conclusively that free chlorine residuals or chloramine residuals up to 2.0 ppm can be successfully destroyed by the application of UV light.


UV Technology for Chlorine Removal

Advantages of UV in Chloramine and Chlorine Destruction

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