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UV Water Treatment for the Food and Beverage Industry

Ultraviolet light (UV) can be used as an alternative to carbon filters and heat pasteurization processes in food and beverage manufacturing.  Use UV to treat process water and product water that is used as an ingredient in final beverage products.

UV is a Proven & Reliable Technology

UV is a proven and reliable water treatment technology that has been used by leading brands in a diverse range of food & beverage facilities including:

 Bottled water

Food packaging

 Meat & poultry processing

 Liquid sugars

 Carbonated beverages

Non-carbonated beverages such as concentrates, soft drinks, tea and beer

How UV Systems Work

UV systems can be installed in locations throughout food and beverage plants to solve multiple water treatment challenges.

How UV water treatment systems work in food and beverage manufacturing

Whether the system is treating process water or the product water that will be used as an ingredient in the final product, UV can help ensure product quality and regulatory requirements are being met.

The technology can effectively & efficiently inactivate microorganisms as well as reduce chlorine/chloramine and ozone in the water. UV can be used as an alternative to carbon filters and heat pasteurization processes.

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UV Treatment for Liquid Sugar

UV Solutions for Liquid Sugar Treatment

UV can be used for liquid sugar syrups (often called sweeteners) without affecting taste, color or odor.

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The Benefits of Using UV in Food and Beverage Manufacturing

The UV inactivation process adds nothing to the water but UV light, and therefore does not impact the taste, odor or color of water. This is particularly beneficial when treating product water for beverages.

Minimal contact time required

Compact system footprint

No impact to taste, odor, or color

How Is UV Applied in Food & Beverage Manufacturing?

UV for microbiological inactivation

Microbiological Inactivation

UV is highly effective at inactivating microorganisms* which has been proven in industrial installations around the world. There are multiple locations throughout a food and beverage facility where UV can be installed to treat microorganisms. Some typical locations would be; points-of-fill, points-of-rinse, post-carbon filter, pre-membrane filtration or reverse osmosis, post-water, and pre-syrup storage tanks.

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UV Treatment for Liquid Sugar

If left untreated, microorganisms in liquid sugars can cause food discoloration, adverse flavors, undesired odors and reduced product shelf-life. UV is an alternative to thermal treatment of liquid sugars.

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UV for chlorine and chloramines reduction

Chlorine & Chloramines Reduction

Municipalities are required to add a residual to drinking water to ensure the control of microorganisms in their distribution lines. This is done with chlorine or chloramine, with many now turning to monochloramine as the residual of choice.

While controlling microorganisms is a critical step for municipalities, it can cause an extra pre-treatment step for food & beverage producers. If left in the incoming facility water, chlorine & chloramines can potentially damage equipment and negatively impact a beverage’s flavor.

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UV for ozone reduction

Ozone Reduction

Some food and beverage plants use ozone to treat microorganisms and degrade organic contaminants. A drawback to this treatment method is that the resulting residual ozone left in the water can potentially damage downstream equipment and impact the desired quality of product water.

A UV system installed post-ozone can help solve this problem by breaking down ozone and reducing its concentration in the water.

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Aquafine UV Systems for the Food and Beverage Manufacturing

Aquafine VL Series
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UV for Liquid Sugar

Learn more about treating sugar syrups and sweeteners with UV.

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*Specific UV systems manufactured by Trojan Technologies have been validated through microbial testing. Through this testing, performance data has been generated for UV dose delivery to inactivate Escherichia coli (E. coli), fecal coliform, Poliovirus, Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and Adenovirus. For a detailed list of UV systems and target organisms, visit