Ozone Destruction

Ozone can serve as an important component to a comprehensive water purification system – its properties destroy microbiological organisms and degrade many organic contaminants in water. Additionally, residual dissolved ozone ultimately decomposes into oxygen, making it environmentally friendly.

However, residual ozone represents a potential health hazard and it can be damaging to finished goods, as well as to processing and fabrication equipment. Utilizing UV to remove ozone is a good solution, as it does not require additives that may leave behind residuals.


How Ozone Destruction Works

UV light destroys ozone in water very quickly. The mechanism for destruction is dissociation, which occurs when UV energy breaks one of the oxygen bonds in an ozone molecule. 

Advantages of UV in Ozone Destruction

  • Environmentally-friendly – produces harmless oxygen
  • Application-specific reactor design
  • Touchscreen or graphic controller

A graphic depicting the destruction of ozone by way of UV disinfection technology


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