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UV Applications in Recreational Water

For most pool operators, chlorine is the disinfectant of choice. Some, however are choosing to use UV to supplement chlorine.

The popularity of recreational water venues, the number and geographic distribution of recent cryptosporidiosis outbreaks, and the resistance of Cryptosporidium to chlorination suggest that treatment strategies for recreational water facilities need to be improved.

Chlorine Chloramines Removal

Chlorine & Chloramines Destruction

UV vs. Chlorine 

UV light represents a powerful technology that has been successfully deployed in swimming pools for several years.

UV destroys chloramines and chloro-organics instantly as the water passes through the treatment chamber. The use of UV for pools is particularly suitable for bathers who are sensitive to the usual swimming pool disinfectants or are allergic to chlorine.

UV is not designed to replace chlorine, but through an elimination of the need for periodic shocking, well-maintained pools can see significant reductions in chlorine usage.

Case Study: Division 1 Aquatic Center

In the Aquatic Center at this Division 1 University in Ohio, the reduction, control, and management of chloramines was an on-going challenge particularly in the leisure spa, leisure pool, recreational lap pool, and dive spa.

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