Converting from Chlorine to UV Treatment

Ultraviolet (UV) light is an effective physical treatment alternative to chlorine that will not create by-products or discharge a chemical residual which will impact the environment.

How UV treatment works for treating municipal water

The Benefits of Choosing UV for Municipal Water Treatment 

UV provides effective inactivation of microorganisms through a physical process. The retention time required to achieve inactivation is usually in the range of a few seconds which reduces the physical footprint and capital costs of installation for UV systems.


Chlorine Treatment

UV Treatment

No Treatment By-products (DBP’s)

No Chemical Residue

No Chemical Spill Risk

Effective Against Cryptosporidium and Giardia

Well-Suited for Changing Regulations

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UV treatment uses a fundamentally different process than chemical-based systems. Clarified wastewater, typically secondary effluent, is directed through open channels where it flows past a series of ultraviolet lights that are submerged in the effluent. As microorganisms in the water flow past the array of UV lamps, they are exposed to ultraviolet light at a wavelength of typically 254 nm (inactivation zone). These powerful photons in the UV-C range alter the genomic structure of microbes rendering the microbe unable to reproduce and therefore becomes non-infectious.

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How UV Treatment Works


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