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Serv-A-Pure Company, founded in 1947, provides the highest quality water for many uses including laboratories, commercial/industrial applications and residential needs. Serv-A-Pure manufacturers a variety of water purification products based in the deionization and reverse osmosis industries. Along with the products we manufacture, Serv-A-Pure is also a distributor for many lines of water filters, Ultra Violet systems, pumps, water quality meters and many other water purification products. Serv-A-Pure has the knowledge and real-world experience needed to help our customers determine the correct products for their exact application.

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VIQUA Certified Internet ResellerIt’s important to us that your experience purchasing a VIQUA UV water disinfection system is a positive one. When you see the VIQUA Certified Internet Reseller logo on a website, please click it – it should take you back to this website. If it does not bring you back to this page, it means that vendor is NOT authorized to sell our products. As a result, you may end up not getting the same excellent service and quality you should expect from VIQUA and our partners. Contact us at VIQUA if you have any questions or call 1-800-265-7246.