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The use of genuine replacement parts helps to ensure proper operation and maintenance of your UV system

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Genuine Replacement Parts for Municipal & Industrial UV Water Treatment Systems

Each component of a TrojanUV or Aquafine system, including the UV lamp and ballast, has been developed through extensive research, development, and validation to ensure safe and efficient operation. In addition to proper operation and maintenance, ensuring that the system continues to operate effectively and efficiently is dependent on the use of genuine parts.

The Top 5 Benefits of Using Genuine TrojanUV and Aquafine Parts

1. Lifetime Performance Guarantee

  • When you use genuine parts, we guarantee that your system will meet the performance requirement specified at purchase, provided that the system’s original design parameters haven’t changed (e.g., flow rate, UV transmittance) and maintenance is completed per the UV system's O&M manual.

Lifetime Performance Guarantee with genuinine UV parts

2. Warranty Coverage

  • We offer comprehensive warranties on our UV lamps, lamp drivers, and UV sensors.

3. Safety Certifications

  • Our UV systems, together with their parts and components, have been accredited by safety standards organizations: UL, CE, and CSA. Using non-genuine parts in your system may void UV system safety certifications and could create unsafe conditions for operating and servicing your equipment.
  • Equipment that is out of compliance can not only expose you to legal risk but jeopardize the performance of your system.

Genuine UV parts are safety certified by CE, CSA, and UL

4. Tested Lamp and Lamp Driver Technology

  • Our UV lamp and lamp driver technology has been tested and validated through proper research and development to ensure the reliability and performance is guaranteed. Applying a competitor lamp which is deemed equivalent without proper testing and validation exposes a large risk in equipment performance.
  • Replacing your UV lamps according to the system’s specifications is crucial for the proper operation of your UV system.

Genuine UV replacement lamps for TrojanUV and Aquafine systems

5. Access to our Technical Assistance Center (TAC)

  • All service technicians have field experience and are thoroughly trained to provide installation support, startup assistance, and equipment troubleshooting. 

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