Aquafine UV Lamp - High Output 5 Pin 15" 254nm

Aquafine UV Lamp - High Output 5 Pin 15" 254nm

Product Number: 52885-DV15Z

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This high output 15" UV lamp uses 254nm UV and works with OptiVenn systems.

As well as Aquafine’s rigorous testing, lamps also undergo a complete lamp “burn in” procedure, are individually challenged, traceable and shipped complete with documentation.

High Output (HX) Lamp

High output lamps feature a higher UV intensity output. They are especially ideal for critical UV applications.

Colorguard® UV Lamps

Field failure of lamps can go undetected, creating unacceptable bacteria counts and cause real problems. Aquafine’s record is unmatched. The percentage of genuine Aquafine UV lamps which fail is less than .05% and Aquafine Colorguard UV lamps are exclusive to Aquafine, making mixing of different lamp types virtually impossible during change-out.

Specially manufactured with ceramic lamp bases, Aquafine Colorguard UV lamps offer advantages over non-ceramic material such as greater high voltage electrical insulation, superior strength, rigidity, improved temperature tolerance and are impervious to UV degradation.