TrojanUV 316670, Integra Lamp Assembly

TrojanUV 316670, Integra Lamp Assembly

Product Number: 316670

Replacement Integra Lamp Assembly
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The same proven TrojanUV3000Plus® lamp and sleeve, but with new features to simplify operation and maintenance. This reliable 250W amalgam lamp delivers 98% output after 12,000 hours guaranteed.


Integrated Lamp and Sleeve

• Reduces the time and complexity of lamp & sleeve replacement
• Lamps and sleeves are preassembled and factory-sealed together as a single water-tight unit
• Fewer parts to inventory and stock
• Quickly replace without taking apart or reassembling multiple small components

Integrity of Seal

• Helps to ensure the maximum life and performance of your system
• O-rings and seals are permanently built into the assembly
• Reduces the risk of damage to electrical components by preventing water or moisture from getting inside the assembly
• UV lamps are secured and protected inside the quartz sleeve avoiding potential damage during maintenance

Integrity of Treatment Efficiency

• Optimizes treatment while minimizing energy costs
• Includes a clean fresh sleeve to ensure nothing stands between the UV light and targeted microorganisms

Amalgam Lamps Require Less Energy

• Stable UV output over a wide range of water temperatures
• Validated performance assures reliable dose delivery and prolonged lamp life