VIQUA E4-50+, UV Commercial

VIQUA E4-50+, UV Commercial

Product Number: 650638-R

Professional UV Water System
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The E4-50+ inactivates the following microorganisms: Cryptosporidium, Giardia, E.Coli and Fecal Coliform. As part of the Professional Series, the E4-50+ offers outstanding performance for commercial applications, for flow rates up to 26 gpm (99 lpm).
- Poor Water Conditions: Effectively treats water with UVT values as low as 50%.
- Reliable: The constant current feature ensures stable UV lamp output, regardless of power fluctuations.
- High-performance UV lamp, rigorously tested to provide consistent output over the entire lamp life (9000 hours)
- State of the art UV sensor technology to give you real-time performance feedback, for added peace of mind
- Space Efficient: High UV output lamp technology allows for a smaller footprint while providing the same UV performance as a longer chamber

Interactive LCD display:
- Simultaneously displays UV Intensity Status, lamp life remaining, support contact information
- Dealer-programmable support screen: load company logo and complete contact information
- Quick-reference instructions on board for system troubleshooting
- Pre-programmed replacement part menu

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