Safeguard your drinking water with the point-of-use, single tap VT4-DWS11. The compact system offers additional pre-filtration for a complete solution, with flow rates up to 3.5 gpm (13 lpm). Ideal For: Bacteria, Chlorine, Lead, Turbidity/Cloudiness.

VIQUA VT4-DWS11, Tap Integrated Pre Filtration UV System

Product Number: VT4-DWS11

Tap Integrated Pre Filtration UV System

NOTE: As of Oct 1, 2021, the VT4-DWS11 has been discontinued. This system has been replaced by the VT4 or VT4-DWS.


Pre-Filter Solution

Includes two 10" filter housing with 5 micron sediment and taste/odour/lead removal cartridges. Click here to find out more about our high-performance sediment and carbon cartridges

Space Efficient

The UV system combined with compact 10" filters is designed to fit under the counter with ease


Mounted on a heavy-duty, painted steel bracket for a simple installation


High-performance UV lamp, rigorously tested to provide consistent output over the entire lamp life (9000 hours) + simple on/off power light indicator


Perfect for a wide range of single-faucet, point-of-use or low flow point-of-entry water treatment solutions in homes, cottages, or OEM applications

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