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Our industrial UV system installation base is supported by a global network of certified service technicians and channel partners

We're here to help. Our team of certified service technicians is highly trained in all aspects of UV system operation, so you can be confident that their knowledge will help keep your UV system performing safely, efficiently and meeting your treatment goals.

System Inspections

A system inspection is a review of the key areas of your system’s operation which can signal the need for a full inspection. You will receive a comprehensive report that includes:

  • Details about overall system status with guidance on how to improve system performance and operation
  • Available system options so that you can save costs, add functionality and benefit from our latest technologies
  • Information to help you budget for and schedule preventative maintenance
  • A recommended list of spare parts to have on hand to streamline maintenance tasks

Preventative Maintenance, Repairs & Troubleshooting

Regular preventative maintenance can do a lot to extend the life of your UV system and keep it operating efficiently, avoiding unplanned repairs and allowing you to anticipate maintenance costs. If you would like an extra hand with maintenance, we can:

  • Help with as little or as much as you’d like, whether you just need advice on your system’s maintenance, or would like us to complete your maintenance tasks
  • Review your preventative maintenance records and offer a proposed schedule


If you have new staff needing to be trained on your UV system, or your team could use a refresher, our service technicians offer training courses in:

  • Basic system operation and UV fundamentals
  • Routine preventative maintenance
  • System optimization for more efficient operation
  • Safety considerations and recommendations for your UV system
  • Troubleshooting best practices

Design and Engineering Support

Remote Technical Support

We provide over-the-phone technical support from our Technical Assistance Center (TAC) in London, Ontario, Canada.

All Technical Support Specialists in the TAC have field experience and are thoroughly trained to provide installation support, startup assistance, and equipment troubleshooting.

Technical Support is open Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. (PST).

Sensor Verification

Sensor Verification

To comply with regulatory permits, Life Science and some Food & Beverage plants are obligated to verify delivery of the correct UV dose by routinely checking reference sensors. We can take care of sensor checks for you and arrange for sensors to be sent to our in-house laboratory for recalibration when required.

Remote Technical Assistance

Design & Engineering Support

Beyond our role as a manufacturer, we offer many additional services to existing and prospective customers. During the project design phase, we provide engineering support by ensuring that each UV system is appropriately sized for the application, and provides detailed, site-specific CAD drawings showing the new equipment placement within the treatment plant.

Analytical Support

We offer analytical support by performing analysis of water samples (including Collimated Beam testing, TSS, UV Transmission, particle size characterization, iron, hardness, etc.) as well as on-site demonstration studies and pilot studies.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) describe the hazards of a product and explains how a product can be safely handled, used, and stored. Our SDS are available here.

Warranty Claims

We offer comprehensive warranties on genuine lamps, drivers and UV sensors. To check your warranty eligibility, please complete this form.

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