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You can rely on a Certified Installer to do the job right.

A VIQUA Certified Installer is a professional who has been trained and certified to install, troubleshoot, and repair VIQUA products.  VIQUA Certified Installers attend an eight module program, testing them on both water pre-treatment and ultraviolet technologies, before completing a final exam to ensure they provide the right installation for your system.

Benefits of using a VIQUA Certified Installer

  • Certified Installers learn the specifics of VIQUA UV system installation including pre-treatment and specialized applications.
  • Their knowledge can help ensure that the installation of your VIQUA UV system is providing optimal performance.
  • Provides increased confidence knowing your VIQUA UV system was installed by a certified, trained professional. 

VIQUA is dedicated to helping you find a Water Professional in your area – please look below to find a VIQUA Certified Installer in your area or simply contact us at 1-800-265-7246 and we will be happy to assist you.

VIQUA Certified Installers

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