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Remote UV treatment monitoring and intelligence

UV Treatment Monitoring & Troubleshooting Anywhere, Anytime

With Trojan Technologies’ Stream™ connectivity platform, wastewater treatment plant operators and staff can remotely monitor the status of their TrojanUV3000Plus® system. No longer is it necessary to be on-site to get a comprehensive view of treatment performance and efficiency – now it’s possible anywhere, anytime through an app on your mobile phone or internet browser.

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Key Features & Benefits

A rendering of a mobile phone using the Trojan Technologies Stream app – a module cleaning maintenance task for the TrojanUV3000Plus being shown on the screen of the mobile phone

Guided Troubleshooting

If you’re alerted about an issue and need help figuring out how to rectify it, an in-depth library of resources will get you well on your way. Guided troubleshooting will walk you through a decision flow to help uncover root causes, and you’ll also have real-time access to O & M procedures and how-to videos.

Access to In-depth Data

Get timestamped data about a number of important operating parameters, including power consumption, UV transmittance, UV dose, and lamp power. With this trove of information in the palm of your hand, you will be better prepared to adjust and optimize system efficacy and make informed decisions. And if you need this data for operational reviews, no problem – you can easily export and create your own graphs and spreadsheets.

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A rendering of a mobile phone using the Trojan Technologies Stream app – a notification preference center is being shown on the screen of the mobile phone

Instant Notifications

The information you need to make informed decisions about your UV treatment system is right at your fingertips. Whenever an alarm status changes, you will be notified, get details about the level of severity (e.g., minor, major, critical), and can determine if/when action is required.

Secure Access

The Stream app is built on platform technology that is proven and in use at treatment plants in North America and only allows reading of UV systems data as well as access to supplemental information stored in the cloud. Our data-security policy includes comprehensive processes with continual evaluation and improvement as standards change and new potential risks emerge. The architecture, and approach to monitoring and testing, provides security at every level, including data acquisition/transfer, storage, and access.

A TrojanUV3000Plus installation at a wastewater treatment plant in California

    A system control center (SCC) of a TrojanUV3000Plus with the required gateway hardware to connect to Trojan Technologies’ Stream platform highlighted with red transparent circles

    The hardware highlighted in red is all that’s required.

    Compatible With Existing Installations

    Existing TrojanUV3000Plus installations can easily be retrofitted and benefit from Stream. All we would need to do is schedule a time to visit your plant and install a gateway in the system control center (SCC). We do not anticipate any disruption to UV system operation while the hardware is being installed.

    Other UV system types will be able to access and benefit from Stream in the future. Stay tuned for details.

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