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Connected Service with Stream

UV Monitoring, Insights and Enhanced Technical Support

UV treatment is a critical process step and with proper monitoring and maintenance, can effectively operate for many years without surprises. Here to help support your UV operations is Stream™. Our digital network and toolbox that gives you access to the right information and support when and where you need it.

Stream App

A personal view into your UV system with easy-to-understand insights

Stream Connection

Connecting your UV system to our digital support tool

Key Features & Benefits - Stream App

Access To In-depth Data

Review important UV data including power consumption, transmittance, dose, lamp power, and lamp hours. And if you need this information for operational reviews, no problem — you can easily export and create your own graphs and spreadsheets.

Instant Notifications

See specific details about the nature of alarms so that you can determine how to take action. This can be very helpful for UV systems in remote or hard-to-access locations.

Guided Troubleshooting

If you’re alerted about an issue and need help figuring out how to resolve it, an in-depth library of resources will get you well on your way. Guided troubleshooting will walk you through decision flows to help uncover root causes of common UV alarms, and you’ll also have real-time access to operating & maintenance procedures and how-to videos.

Key Features & Benefits - Stream Connection

A Trojan service technician troubleshooting over the phone with a customer

A Direct Line to a Trojan Expert

It’s the next best thing to being there. By connecting your UV system to Stream Connection, you are arming Trojan technicians with the information they need to provide you with the best advice and solutions for your UV system.

Faster & Easier Tech Support

If you call us for product support, our technicians will have a view into your UV system as well as historical UV and alarm trends, alleviating the need for back-and-forth phone calls or emails. This helps take the stress out of  resolving UV issues and gives you more time back in your day.

Proactive Monitoring Insights

Stream Connection can allow our team of experts to provide you with periodic proactive insights to help you get the longest life and the most efficient performance out of your UV system.

Secure Access & Connection

Comprehensive Data Security Protocols

We have strict protocols around software, and its security has been verified by a third party. All communication between your UV system and Stream is encrypted.

Our policies include comprehensive processes with continual evaluation and improvement as standards change and new potential risks emerge. The architecture, and approach to monitoring and testing, provide security at every level, including data acquisition/transfer, storage, and access.

Solutions to Meet Your Security Policies

Our experts are happy to consult with you and your IT Department to discuss our cybersecurity approach and available options to meet your organization’s security policies.

Proven Technology

Stream is currently processing over two million data points every day for the over 150 connected wastewater treatment plants. Our platform leverages the latest technology from Microsoft Azure cloud computing to provide our customers with industry-leading compliance, security, and encryption features.

    Compatibility with Existing TrojanUV Systems

    Existing TrojanUV systems* can be easily upgraded to benefit from Stream. All we would need to do is schedule a time to visit your plant and install a small connection device in the System Control Center (SCC). We do not anticipate any disruption to UV system operation while the hardware is being installed.

    A Stream connection device installed in a System Control Center

    * Please contact us to confirm your TrojanUV system meets the compatibility requirements


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