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Aquafine System Upgrade

Parts Availability

Due to the evolution of UV technology and the commercialization of newer Aquafine UV systems, in 2016 we stopped production and sale of legacy Aquafine systems.  While we remain committed to supporting customers through their transition to new Aquafine systems, we will be reducing the parts and service available on the models below.

  • DW series
  • SP series
  • SL10A series*
  • RBE series
  • CSL series*
  • SCD Series (600,700,1000,1200)*
  • UVK (1,2,3,4 only)

* Does not include CSL Plus, SCD-H, SCD-HX, SL1, MP2, UVK X0000 Series

Aquafine OptiVenn Ultra Violet Light water treatment system

An Important Date

May 1, 2021


As of May 1, 2021, only consumables such as lamps, sleeves, ballasts, wiper seals, fluids and some sensors will continue to be stocked and available. A full list of parts is available through our Channel Partner portal.


Upgrade Your System

Why would you replace an existing unit? We believe that there are significant advantages to our newer technology.

Optivenn Benefits

Installation Flexibility

  • Independent panel and chamber allow for easy mounting of panel on top, front, or on a wall close to the chamber.
  • Chamber can be rotated at 4 different angles to reduce re-piping/ installation costs.
  • Water can flow through the system through either inlet or outlet.

Compact & Efficient Operation

  • OptiVenn systems use high efficiency lamps and ballast relative to legacy CSL and RBE systems, resulting in reduced power consumption, reduce number of lamps, and reduce lamp failures.
  • Lamp and ballast efficiency drives a more compact design and smaller footprint.

Improved monitoring station

  • User friendly interface that allows for at a glance check of health and status of the system:

Other Key Benefits Include:

  • No need for cooling (A/C) for systems with 4 lamps or less, cost-effective solution to achieve higher rated system
  • Baffle support system to avoid sleeves breakage
  • Panel is accessible and easy to service compared to integral panels in legacy systems

Avant Replacement Benefits

Compact Footprint

  • Avant benefits include 40-60% fewer lamps, sleeves, drivers, and reduces installation costs and footprint impact.
  • Avant HP model uses a special grade quartz sleeve and lamps that allows to significantly reduce the number of UV units, by up to 75%.

Energy and Cost Savings

  • Avant only requires 37.5% of lamps or power compared to legacy SCD-H product line to meet the same performance level to reduce TOC levels below 2 ppb with significantly lower power consumption.*

*when comparing SCD-H to Avant HP over 5-year cycle

Are you ready to start looking at your system replacement options? Fill out the form below or contact your local representative.

Aquafine OptiVenn installed at an industrial site

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you stopping all support for the CSL, RBE, SCD series?

No, we will continue to supply key consumables including UV lamps, UV lamp drivers (ballasts), quartz sleeves. Due to changes in technology, uncertain supply and increasing costs, we will phase out service and support for many components. We encourage all CSL, RBE, and SCD customers to work with us to plan transition to a new system to ensure continuity of operation. A list of the parts available is posted on our website or by contacting your Aquafine representative.

Why are we discontinuing reliable product lines that still work for customers?

Some of the components for the CSL, RBE, SCD product line are becoming harder to source due to outdated technology and are costly for suppliers to support given low volumes. We encourage customers to plan for replacement of CSL, RBE, and SCD series with new OptiVenn and Avant series that we can reliably support and provide sustainable value.

Why aren’t you selling off the shelf components?

Over time, the risk and cost associated with supporting legacy products is dramatically increasing. We are focusing resources in areas where we are confident, we can provide customer value. We will continue to answer technical questions and support customers through CSL, RBE, and SCD service issues but encourage immediate planning to transition to a new UV system.

Who can I contact in order to replace my CSL, RBE, and SCD products or if I am not able to determine if my Aquafine products will be obsolete?

Contact your local Aquafine sales representative or Aquafine application support at to discuss options and plan your transition. We can support you in finding the appropriate replacement solution, while providing product and long term operating benefits.

We're Here to Help

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