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Non-potable Reuse & Treatment of Tertiary Effluent

The TrojanUVFlex® is ideal for non-potable reuse and other wastewater applications where the treatment of filtered tertiary effluent is required. It is designed with features to make installation and operation simpler, faster and more cost-effective than ever before. Built on the TrojanUV Solo Lamp® Technology platform, TrojanUVFlex allows for energy-efficient high-intensity delivery of UV light in an extremely compact footprint.


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Key Features and Benefits

TrojanUV Solo Lamp

Cost-saving Cross-flow Lamp Orientation

TrojanUV Solo Lamps are arranged in array’s perpendicular to flow. This cross-flow orientation reduces operating costs by allowing independently operated sections of lamps to be turned on/off in response to changing conditions and ensures water continues to be treated by downstream lamps in the event an upstream lamp needs to be replaced.

Modular Chamber With Flexible Installation Options

Chambers can be manufactured with additional banks to accommodate future treatment capacity, ensuring the system meets your current requirements while also planning for future needs. The option to install chambers vertically or horizontally makes integration into existing piping straightforward and allows service access from any direction.

TrojanUVFlex 200 Series chamber

TrojanUVFlex 100 Series chamber

Advanced Validation

The TrojanUVFlex wastewater disinfection system has been validated through regulatory-endorsed microbial testing. Through this testing, performance data has been generated for UV dose delivery to disinfect Poliovirus, Escherichia coli (E. coli ) and fecal coliform.

User-Friendly Experience

The TrojanUVFlex has been designed with features to make the operator’s daily work simpler and faster. Lamps, connections, sensors and quartz sleeves are all accessed from outside the chamber.  Integrated chamber hatches allow for easy internal access for inspection or maintenance. A smart, easy-to-use control system automatically optimizes energy use while ensuring UV dose and treatment objectives are being met.

TrojanUVFlex lamp replacement

System Specifications

System Characteristics

TrojanUVFlex 200 Series

TrojanUVFlex 100 Series

Lamp Type

TrojanUV Solo Lamp (low-pressure high-output)

Lamp Power

1000 Watts

500 Watts

Lamp Driver

Electronic, variable power (30% to 100%)

Chamber Material

2205 duplex stainless steel

Flange Size

48 inch AWWA C207, DN1200

36 inch AWWA C207, DN900

Pressure Rating

Maximum Pressure 87 psi (6 bar)

Maximum Pressure 125 psi (8.6 bar)

Sleeve Cleaning

Mechanical cleaning (Optional)

Network Connection

AB Ethernet I/P, ProfiNet, Profibus, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU RS485

Panel Material

Painted mild steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel



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