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A revolutionary advancement in wastewater disinfection

Industry-defining Innovation

The TrojanUVSigna® incorporates innovations, including TrojanUV Solo Lamp® Technology, to reduce the total cost of ownership and drastically simplify operation and maintenance. It is an ideal solution for wastewater treatment plants in need of revolutionary UV technology.

The TrojanUVSigna has been validated through regulatory-endorsed microbial testing. Through this testing, performance data has been generated for UV dose delivery to disinfect pathogens Escherichia coli (E. coli) and fecal coliform.


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Key Features and Benefits

TrojanUVSigna two-row banks in wastewater effluent channel

Designed to Fit Into Existing Channels

The way in which water enters the UV system is controlled in such a way that stringent tolerances on concrete channel walls are not required, making chlorine contact tank and UV channel retrofits simpler. Retrofits can accommodate existing water level profile and head loss.

Automatic Lamp Sleeve Cleaning

Thanks to the patented ActiClean® sleeve cleaning system, quartz sleeves and intensity sensors are cleaned regularly without disrupting disinfection – there’s no need to shut down the UV system or remove lamps for routine cleaning. This dual-action cleaning system uses mechanical wiping in conjunction with a cleaning solution contained within wiper canisters surrounding the quartz sleeves.

TrojanUV Solo Lamp

Low Lamp Count + High Electrical Efficiency

Low-pressure lamps offer high efficiency and long lamp life, medium-pressure lamps have higher UV output – the TrojanUV Solo Lamp combines the best features of both. The end result is a compact and modular UV system unlike any other.

Maintenance Made Simple

Routine maintenance, including changing lamps and refilling ActiClean Gel, can be performed while banks are in the channel. An Automatic Raising Mechanism (ARM) makes other tasks, such as channel maintenance and winterization, easier.

Enhanced Water Level Management

Water level is managed using light locks in combination with the downstream water level controller. Light locks eliminate the need for complex channel designs, such as stepped channels, and help provide the highest disinfection performance over a wide range of flow rates and water levels.


Customer Stories

Terrence J. O’Brien Water Reclamation Plant case study

UV Kind of Town, Chicago is

The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago – of which the Terrence J. O’Brien Water Reclamation Plant is part of – has made a number of upgrades to its treatment process in recent years. One such upgrade was the addition of UV disinfection.

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Murfreesboro Water Resource Recovery Facility case study

Replacing an Aging UV System

Significant innovation had occurred in the 17 years since the TrojanUV4000® was installed at the Murfreesboro Water Resource Recovery Facility. The time had come for a new system, and the TrojanUVSigna was the ideal solution.

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H.C. Morgan Water Pollution Control Facility case study

Goodbye Chlorine, Hello UV

As part of the H.C. Morgan Water Pollution Control Facility upgrade project, the City of Auburn, AL decided to convert from chlorine to UV disinfection.

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Firsthand Feedback

Hear more about what’s it’s like to install and operate a TrojanUVSigna in this video interview with a few of our customers.

System Specifications

System Characteristics


Lamp Type

TrojanUV Solo Lamp (amalgam)

Lamp Driver

Electronic, high-efficiency (99% power factor)

Input Power Per Lamp

1000 Watts

Lamp Control

30 - 100% variable lamp power (1% increments)

Lamp Configuration

Staggered, inclined array (two-row, four-row or six-row)

Module/Bank Frame

Type 6P (IP67)

Lamp Driver Enclosure

Type 4X (IP66)

Cleaning System

Automatic ActiClean chemical/mechanical

UV Intensity Sensor

1 per bank – with automatic chemical cleaning

Bank Lifting Device

1 per bank - Automatic Raising Mechanism (ARM)

Level Control Device

Fixed weir or motorized weir gate

Water Level Sensor

High and low water level sensors available (one per channel)

Installation Location

Indoors or outdoors

System Control Center

Standard color HMI, 16 digital I/O, 4 analog I/O, SCADA compatible

PLC options available

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Replacement Parts

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