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A Cost-Effective Solution for Simplified Installations

TrojanUVSpring® is designed for small municipalities to treat their drinking water efficiently and reliably. With a simplified design and compact footprint, installation can be streamlined to get a newly commissioned site up quickly or an existing site back online easier. Available in three size configurations, each size ensures there is a suitable solution for your installation’s flow rate to utilize ultra-violet (UV) technology to help meet your treatment goals.

TrojanUVSpring inactivates Escherichia coli (E.coli), fecal coliform, and even chlorine-resistant microorganisms like Cryptosporidium & Giardia.

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Key Features and Benefits

Image of the TrojanUVSpring compact footprint

Compact Footprint for Installation Flexibility

Developed using advanced Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) modeling, and incorporating high output amalgam lamps, the TrojanUVSpring is extremely space efficient with a cost-saving design. Its compact footprint allows the system to be integrated into restrictive pipe galleries of water treatment facilities and can even be installed immediately after a 90º elbow and other upstream piping configurations, when approved by local regulators.

Fewer Lamps Required to Treat a Given Flow

Energy-efficient, high-intensity amalgam lamps minimizes the lamps, seals, and maintenance to meet UV dose delivery requirements and reduces annual maintenance costs for lamp change-outs.

TrojanUVSpring required fewer lamps to treat water


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TrojanUVSpring has a robust sleeve wiping system

Robust Sleeve Wiping System Reduces Maintenance Costs

Select models can be equipped with a highly-effective automated sleeve wiping system to minimize the frequency and costs of cleaning, while ensuring consistent dose delivery. It operates online while the lamps are operating, thus reducing downtime and it can also be programmed to wipe lamp sleeves at pre-set intervals. The TrojanUVSpring was designed for easy maintenance, with an operator-friendly design and an externally mounted sensor for easy access.

User-Friendly Digital Controller

The intuitive system provides at-a-glance system status and allows remote operation with real-time system status information for on/off control and alarm code differentiation for fast identification of changes in system status. It features a robust, microprocessor-based controller on select models which combines extensive functionality with an operator-friendly, digital interface and can be mounted up to ten meters from the chamber.

User-friendly digital controller for TrojanUVSpring

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Local Service with Global Support

Our comprehensive network of certified service providers offers ongoing maintenance programs and fast response for service and spare parts. All TrojanUV systems include a Lifetime Performance Guarantee and comprehensive warranties for systems and parts.

System Specifications


Spring S1

Spring S2

Spring X2

Max DVGW - W294 Validated Flow gpm (m3/hr)

12.8 m3/hr

31.8 m3/hr

76.1 m3/hr

UV Transmittance Range:

70 - 98%

UV Lamps

Number of Lamps




Input Power per Lamp & Lamp Type

200 W input
(Low-Pressure High-Output)

440 W input
(Low-Pressure High-Output)

Service Life:

16,000 Hrs

Control Power Panel (CPP)


230V Single phase, 2 wire + gnd,
50/60 Hz L-N


Lamp Driver Power Level

100% constant

Variable 50% dimming

Control Power Panel Rating




4" Colour Touchscreen

Network Interface

Digital Output


Digital Input

Remote on/off

Digital Output

General alarm

General alarm System status
High temp panel/chamber
Low irradiance

Analog Input (4-20mA)


Panel temp sensor UVT meter Flow meter

Analog Output (4-20mA)

Irradiance Chamber temperature

Irradiance Chamber temperature
UVT meter Flow meter


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TrojanUVSpring Brochure


Service & Parts Brochure

TrojanUV Service & Parts Brochure