URGENT – Important Safety Notice

ASCO L.P. Solenoid Valve Recall

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VIQUA is voluntarily recalling certain solenoid valves supplied by ASCO L.P. (“ASCO”) in cooperation with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (“CPSC”) and Health Canada.  A limited quantity of solenoid coils, within a specified manufacturing date code range, may contain a coil that was not properly tested to verify effectiveness of the electrical insulation system, posing a potential electric shock hazard to the user.  These coils were used on Solenoid Valves manufactured between March 2018 and February 2019 which in turn were used by VIQUA and shipped to customers between May 16, 2018 and July 16, 2019 under the following part numbers.

VIQUA Part NumberDescription

VALVE, SOLENOID 3/4″ 110V/50Hz-120V/60Hz


VALVE, SOLENOID 1″ 110V/50Hz-120V/60Hz


VALVE, SOLENOID 1″ 220V/50Hz-240V/60Hz

Affected solenoid valves can be identified by inspecting the date code on the coil against the date code ranges provided within the attached document.  See below image for example.

Solenoid Replacement Diagram

1A3 through 5A2 – A is 2018 and the first and third digits are the week number in that year (e.g., 13thweek of 2018 through the 52nd week of 2018)

0B1 through 0B8 – B is 2019 and the first week through the 8th week of 2019.

What you should do if you have a VIQUA UV water treatment system installed in your home:

Please click here for information on how to safely identify and inspect the date code on the coil, and how to arrange a free installation of a replacement coil if your system includes a recalled solenoid valve.

What you should do as the seller of the system/part:

  1. Quarantine any current product you have in-stock and notify VIQUA of in-stock quantities (technicalsupport@viqua.com).

  2. Identify total number of field sites with potentially impacted Solenoid Valves.

  3. Replace all Solenoid Coils that fall within the identified date range.

  4. Return all recovered affected Solenoid Coils to VIQUA Please contact VIQUA Technical Support for shipping instructions contact technicalsupport@viqua.com or 1-800-265-7246 ext. 335).

  5. If you sold the product to a commercial customer (e.g., plumber) other than the end user, forward this information or send a link to the purchaser so they can inspect the Solenoid Coils and replace them if necessary (or, if you would prefer, provide the commercial customer’s contact information to VIQUA (technicalsupport@viqua.com) along with the number of potentially affected units sold to each such customer so VIQUA can notify the customer(s)).

If you have installed an affected Solenoid Valve:


  2. Inspect the date code on the coil. Refer to the information above identifying the location of the coil date code. Note that the valve nameplate may also have a date code. This is different than the coil date code and should NOT be used for identification. ONLY the coil date code should be used to determine if your product is impacted.

  3. If you have valves installed on your system or in your products, with coils marked within the date code range listed above, discontinue use immediately and replace with new Solenoid coil provided according to the accompanying instructions.

  4. Return all recovered affected Solenoid Coils to VIQUA (Please contact VIQUA Technical Support for shipping instructions contact technicalsupport@viqua.com or 1-800-265-7246 ext. 335).

The recall may be supervised by inspectors from CPSC or Health Canada. If you have any further questions or concerns please contact technicalsupport@viqua.com or 1-800-265-7246 ext. 335.