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Our Businesses

Through acquisitions and strategic partnerships, Trojan Technologies has diversified its portfolio of products and available applications.

Trojan Technologies encompasses five Businesses and as well as some ongoing Research and Development Initiatives.


Aquafine Corporation

Aquafine logoAquafine’s advanced UV water treatment systems meet the changing requirements and needs of a diverse customer base around the world. They provide UV solutions for TOC reduction, chlorine and chloramine destruction, ozone destruction and disinfection for many applications in the industrial/commercial sector.

Salsnes Filter

salsnesSalsnes Filter’s patented filter technology removes particles from municipal and industrial process water. Industries such as food, paper, cruise lines and aquaculture use the fully-automated treatment technology to treat effluent, improve the quality of influent or enhance the utilization of raw materials.

Trojan Marinex

marinexTrojan Marinex is dedicated to the development of ballast water treatment solutions. Having direct access to decades of industry-defining water treatment expertise has enabled them to develop a suite of systems unlike any other. These systems are purpose-built for the marine environment and provide filtration + ultraviolet disinfection in a single, compact unit.


trojanuvTrojanUV designs, manufactures and sells pressurized and open-channel UV disinfection systems for municipal wastewater and drinking water, and UV-oxidation systems for environmental contaminant treatment applications.


VIQUA is proud to be one of the world’s most recognized and respected brands of residential and light commercial UV water disinfection systems. With more than 40 years in the residential UV business and more than 500,000 installations in over 100 countries, VIQUA offers home and small business owners a broad range of innovative, industry-certified water treatment solutions.