Trojan Technologies Clean 50 2015 Honouree

Trojan Technologies President, Marvin DeVries, was recently inducted as a Clean50 2015 Honouree for Trojan’s design, creation and manufacturing of products that improve sustainability.

Marv DeVries accepting the Clean50 Award

“Canada’s Clean50 Awards are announced annually to recognize 50 individuals or small teams who have done the most to advance the cause of sustainability and clean capitalism in Canada over the past 2 years,” said Gavin Pitchford, Chief Talent Officer, Delta Management Group.

“Delta’s criteria in determining Honourees is to consider carefully actual measurable accomplishments, demonstrated innovation, collaboration with other organizations, and the power of the Honouree’s contribution to inspire other Canadians to take similar action,” Pitchford added.

Trojan’s Commitment to Sustainability

  • Trojan enables customers to meet their water quality objectives by providing water treatment solutions that reduce energy and space requirements.
  • Trojan’s solutions deliver environmental stewardship for people, industries and municipalities, improving the lives of over one billion people globally.
  • The company’s own environmental performance is very strong, reducing waste by 33% over the past 2 years, and then diverting 68% of the remainder from landfill.
  • All Trojan associates are committed to environmental leadership internally and externally.

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