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Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Reduction

UV treatment is an effective method of producing ultrapure water (UPW)

Reduction of total organic carbon (TOC) is critical for a number of industries who use ultrapure water (UPW), such as microelectronics, pharmaceuticals and wastewater processing. 

Aquafine TOC reduction systems have the flexibility to serve indoor or outdoor installations and are available in modular skid designs. The systems are installed in critical applications around the world where meeting stringent criteria of the cGMP and full acceptance by the FDA are mandatory.

How UV and TOC Reduction Works

Aquafine TOC reduction systems harnesses UV light in a 185 nanometer wavelength. This powerful energy promotes the formation of free radicals, leading to the oxidation of organics into CO2 (carbon) and H2O (water) molecules. TOCs are reduced and the oxidation is complete.

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Learn about the advantages of synthetic quartz in TOC systems in our newest whitepaper.

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Advantages of Using UV in TOC Reduction

Meet Stringent TOC Reduction with a Small Footprint, Predictive Diagnostics and Significant OPEX Savings with Aquafine UV Systems.

The Avant series from Aquafine incorporates innovations, and best in-class components, to reduce the total cost of ownership and drastically simplify operation and maintenance. Download our brochure today to learn more about why it is the ideal solution for UPW plants in need of revolutionary UV technology.


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Aquafine UV Systems for TOC Reduction

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