TrojanUV3000B installation at a wastewater treatment plant in Ontario, Canada


An operator-friendly, economical UV system

Simple and Reliable

The TrojanUV3000®B is a simple, yet robust system designed for small wastewater plants that are looking to treat 1 – 5 MGD (158 – 789 m3/hr). The system is straightforward to use and requires minimal operator involvement thanks to its modular design and proven components.


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Key Features and Benefits

A TrojanUV3000B installation at a wastewater treatment plant in Ontario, Canada

Streamlined Installation

The TrojanUV3000B can be easily retrofitted into existing chlorine contact tanks and effluent channels, and comes pre-tested, pre-assembled and pre-wired to minimize installation costs. All components can be installed outdoors, eliminating the need for and costs of additional buildings.

Advanced, Self-Contained UV Modules

Space-saving electronic lamp drivers are housed right in the modules – not in separate external cabinets – and are cooled by convection. All module wiring is pre-installed, factory-tested, and enclosed inside a waterproof frame.

A TrojanUV3000B module, power distribution center, and system control center

An operator replacing a UV lamp on a TrojanUV3000B module

Operator-friendly Design

Modules are lightweight and electrically separate, allowing a single module to be removed without disrupting flow or taking the system offline. Lamps are guaranteed for 12,000 hours of operation and can be replaced without tools. A UV lamp status indicator provides at-a-glance monitoring and helps determine when replacement is needed.

Flow Pacing

The System Control Center (SCC) provides digital display of bank status, lamp hours, and UV intensity. Individual banks can be turned on and off automatically in response to variations in flow rate (based on a flow meter signal). This flow pacing maximizes operating efficiency by matching UV output to requirements and reducing electrical consumption during periods of low flow.

  • Is your wastewater plant's flow rate 3 MGD or under? If so, the TrojanUV3000®PTP is another option you should consider. Learn more

A graphical representation of wastewater flowing through a disinfection channel and TrojanUV3000B banks for turning on during periods of high flow and off during periods of low flow

System Specifications

System Characteristics


Typical Applications

1 – 5 MGD (158 – 789 m3/hr)

Lamp Type


Lamp Driver Type

Electronic; non-variable

Input Power Per Lamp

87.5 Watts

Lamp Configuration

Horizontal, parallel to flow

Module Configuration

4, 6 or 8 lamps per module

Bank Configuration

Up to 20 modules per bank

Channel Configurations


Lamp Banks in Series

Up to 3

Channel Options

Concrete (by others)

Level Control Device Options

ALC gate or fixed weir

Enclosure Ratings


System Monitor/Control Center

304 stainless steel

Lamp Driver Enclosure

Type 6P (IP67)

Lamp Driver Cooling Method

Convection; no air conditioning or forced air required

Installation Location

Indoor or outdoor

System Monitoring & Controls



Monitoring and bank control

UV Intensity Monitoring


Flow Pacing


Inputs Required

4-20 mA flow signal for Flow Pacing

Local Status Indication

Lamp Age (hours)
UV Intensity (mW/cm2)
Bank Status (on/off)
Low Intensity Alarm

Remote Alarms

UV Intensity (4-20 mA)
Common Alarm (discrete)


Indoor or outdoor

Maximum Distance from UV Channel

20 ft. (6 m)

Electrical Requirements


Power Distribution

Power Distribution Centre

Quantity Required

1 PDC per bank

Power Input

 120V; single phase 208V,
3-phase 240V; single phase

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