TrojanUV3000PTP installation at a wastewater treatment plant in Ontario, Canada


A cost-effective, off-the-shelf solution for small wastewater treatment plants

Simple and Reliable Wastewater Disinfection

The TrojanUV3000®PTP (Packaged Treatment Plant) is ideally suited to treat flows up to 3 MGD (473 m3/hr). It is pre-engineered for quick, economical installation and is designed with proven components to provide a dependable UV solution for small wastewater treatment applications.


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Key Features and Benefits

A photo of a TrojanUV3000PTP installation at a wastewater treatment plant in Ontario, Canada

Flexible Installation Options

The TrojanUV3000PTP can be installed into existing chlorine contact tanks and effluent channels. It comes pre-tested, pre-assembled and pre-wired to minimize installation costs, and can also be equipped with prefabricated stainless-steel channels with built-in weirs. Channels are easily integrated with existing flanged piping using transition boxes.

Compact Modules

Space-saving electronic lamp drivers are housed right in the modules, not in separate external cabinets – this minimizes the footprint of the UV system and eliminates the need for air-conditioning. Lamp drivers are cooled by convection and each UV module includes a UV lamp status indicator for at-a-glance monitoring.

A photo of an operator removing a lamp driver from a TrojanUV3000PTP module

A photo of an operator replacing a UV lamp from a TrojanUV3000PTP module

Operator-friendly Maintenance

Modules are lightweight and can be individually removed for periodic sleeve cleaning and lamp change-outs. An optional mobile cleaning rack simplifies maintenance procedures.

Proven Performance, Components and Design

The TrojanUV3000PTP has been validated through third-party bioassay testing. Through this testing, performance data has been generated for UV dose delivery to disinfect pathogens Escherichia coli (E. coli ) and fecal coliform.

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A photo of the TrojanUV3000PTP system with a module lifted out of a stainless-steel channel

System Specifications

System Characteristics


Typical Applications

Up to 3 MGD (473 m3/hr)

Lamp Type


Lamp Driver Type

Electronic; non-variable

Input Power Per Lamp

45 or 87.5 Watts

Lamp Configuration

Horizontal, parallel to flow

Module Configuration

2 or 4 lamps per module

Bank Configuration

Up to 10 modules per bank

Channel Configurations

Lamp Banks in Series

Up to 2

Channel Options

Stainless Steel (Trojan option) or Concrete (by others)

Flanged Transition Connections

Optional for stainless steel channels

U-Turn Connector Box

Optional for stainless steel channels

Level Control Device Options

Fixed weir

Enclosure Ratings

System Monitor/Control Center


Lamp Driver Enclosure

TYPE 6P (IP67)

Lamp Driver Cooling Method

Convection; no air conditioning or forced air required

Installation Location

Indoor or outdoor

System Monitoring & Controls


Optional; Monitoring only

UV Intensity Monitoring


Inputs Required


Local Status Indication

Lamp Age (hours) UV Intensity (mW/cm2)

Remote Alarms

UV Intensity (4-20 mA)


Indoor or outdoor

Maximum Distance from UV Channel

15 ft. (4.5 m)

Electrical Requirements

Power Distribution

Individual GFI Receptacles

Quantity Required

1 receptacle per 2 modules

Power Input

120V, single phase

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