An assortment of replacement parts for a TrojanUV system, including O-rings, a quartz sleeve, a UV lamp, and a spring

TrojanUV4000 Replacement Parts


Parts Availability

Due to the evolution of UV technology and the commercialization of newer UV wastewater treatment systems, in 2013 continuous production of the TrojanUV4000® suite of systems ceased.

Consumable parts, such as lamps, sleeves, ballasts, wiper seals, and fluids will continue to be stocked and available. 

While we remain committed to helping you keep your system operating efficiently while you transition to a new TrojanUV system, we will be reducing the parts available and offering a last purchase date of September 1, 2022 on select items.    

TrojanUV4000Plus wastewater disinfection system with one bank raised out of stainless-steel channel

An Important Date

September 1, 2022


September 1, 2022 marks the last day to purchase a number of replacement parts for the TrojanUV4000 suite of systems. This includes certain off-the-shelf items and manufactured/custom items.

Here is a list of parts that are included in the last-day-of-purchase date of September 1, 2022. After this date, these parts will only be available while supplies last.

Upon request, parts specifications and drawings for replacement parts that are no longer supported may be provided if available. 

A list of parts for the TrojanUV4000 wastewater disinfection system that will only be available until July 31, 2022


System Replacement

When you install a new TrojanUV system, you’ll receive loyalty benefits that includes a one-year extension on our standard system warranty and, of course, the lifetime performance guarantee that comes with all TrojanUV systems.

Which system is right for you? Well, you have options – most notably the TrojanUVSigna® and TrojanUV3000Plus®. It all depends on your current configuration and which features you need and value most. These systems incorporate technological advancements that help to reduce the total cost of ownership, lower power consumption by up to 80%, and simplify operation and maintenance.

Are you ready to start looking at your system replacement options? Simply call us at 1-888-220-6118, fill out the form below, or contact your local representative.

TrojanUVSigna installation at a wastewater treatment plant in Ohio

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Trojan still provide some level of support for the TrojanUVUV4000?

Yes, we will continue to supply key consumables, including UV lamps, UV lamp drivers, quartz sleeves, for the foreseeable future. However, due to changes in technology, uncertain supply, and increasing costs, we will be phasing out aftermarket support for many components. We encourage all TrojanUV4000 customers to start planning a transition to a new TrojanUV system with us to ensure continuity of operations.

I have critical components needed to maintain my TrojanUV4000. Will these still be available? Are there critical components that are no longer available?

Certain critical components will be available for purchase for a limited time. A list of parts scheduled for phase-out is available on this page and will be updated regularly.

What if I want to purchase a part or component after the last-day-to-buy date previously specified by Trojan?

We will continue to provide replacement parts while supplies last. Once depleted, we can offer specifications or engineering drawings if available.

Who can I contact in order to determine if I should replace my system or refurbish my existing TrojanUV4000 system? 

Please contact us or your local representative to discuss options and plan your transition. Remember, when you install a new TrojanUV system you will receive loyalty benefits that includes a one-year extension on our standard system warranty and, of course, the lifetime performance guarantee that comes with all TrojanUV systems.

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