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The TrojanUV3000Plus® is one of the reasons why UV is now a favored technology in wastewater treatment. Often touted as a flagship UV system, it has demonstrated effective and reliable performance around the world. In fact, over 2,000 municipalities rely on it to treat over 30 billion gallons of wastewater every day.

The TrojanUV3000Plus has been validated through microbial testing. Through this testing, performance data has been generated for UV dose delivery to inactivate microorganisms Escherichia coli (E. coli ) and fecal coliform.

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    Key Features and Benefits


    Energy-efficient Amalgam Lamp Technology

    Our high-efficiency amalgam lamps deliver stable UV output throughout a wide array of water qualities and temperatures, all while drawing less energy than competitive low-pressure high-output lamp-based UV systems. These lamps have been shown to deliver 98% of full UV output after more than one year of use, and have 20% less decline in UV output after 12,000 hours of use compared to competitive UV lamps.

    Automatic Lamp Sleeve Cleaning

    The patented ActiClean® system helps maintain at least 95% UV transmittance, ensuring consistent and optimal UV output. Operators need not worry about manually cleaning, as all quartz sleeves and intensity sensors are cleaned automatically, without disrupting treatment.

    AcitClean sleeve cleaning wiper canister

    TrojanUV3000Plus installation in California

    Flexible Installation & Expansion

    Modular, compact design allows cost-effective installation into existing effluent channels and chlorine contact chambers. When the time comes to meet new regulations and increase flow capacity, simply add more banks. What’s more – the entire system can be installed outdoors to reduce capital costs, no building, shelter or HVAC required.

    Easy to Maintain

    UV lamps can be easily and quickly replaced without tools, and an intuitive quick connect makes refilling the ActiClean Gel fast and simple. And thanks to the system’s modularity, routine maintenance can be performed on one module without disrupting treatment performance.

    TrojanUV3000Plus UV lamp connection

    TrojanUV3000Plus Lamp Driver

    Self-contained UV Modules

    Module-mounted lamp drivers allow for compact installation, convection cooling and protect wires and cables from exposure to effluent and UV light. They are housed right in the module, reducing system footprint, minimizing installation time and costs and eliminating the need for separate external cabinets.

    System Specifications

    System Characteristics


    Typical Applications

    Wide range of wastewater treatment plants

    Lamp Type

    High-efficiency Amalgam

    Lamp Driver Type

    Electronic, variable output (60 to 100% power)

    Input Power Per Lamp

    250 Watts

    Lamp Configuration

    Horizontal, parallel flow

    Module Configuration

    4, 6 or 8 lamps per module

    Level Control Device Options

    ALC, fixed weir or motorized weir gate

    Water Level Sensor

    1 electrode low water level sensor per channel

    Enclosure Ratings


    Module Frame / Lamp Driver Enclosure

    TYPE 6P (IP68) / TYPE 6P (IP67)

    All Other Enclosures

    TYPE 4X (IP56)

    Lamp Driver Cooling Method

    Convection; no air conditioning or forced air required

    Installation Location

    Indoor or outdoor

    Sleeve Cleaning System


    ActiClean Cleaning System

    Optional Automatic Chemical/Mechanical Cleaning System

    ActiClean-WW Gel

    Non-corrosive, operator-friendly

    Recommended Fouling Factor


    System Control Center



    Touch Smart Controller or PLC-based

    Analog Inputs (Typical)

    Flow (4-20 mA) and UVT (4-20 mA)

    Discrete Outputs (Typical)

    Bank status, common alarms and SCADA communication

    Maximum Distance from UV Channel

    500 ft. (152 m)

    Electrical Requirements


    Power Distribution Center

    208Y/120V, 3 phase, 4 wire + GND, 60 Hz (Max. 8 modules per PDC)

    480Y/277V, 3 phase, 4 wire + GND, 60 Hz

    380Y/220V, 3 phase, 4 wire + GND, 50/60 Hz

    400Y/230V, 3 phase, 4 wire + GND, 50/60 Hz

    415Y/240V, 3 phase, 4 wire + GND, 50/60 Hz

    System Control Center (stand alone)

    120V, single phase, 2 wire + GND, 60 Hz, 1.8 kVA

    220/230/240V, single phase, 2 wire + GND, 50/60 Hz, 1.8kVA

    Hydraulic System Center (for Sleeve Cleaning System)

    208V, 3 phase, 3 wire + GND, 60 Hz

    380/400/415 V, 3 phase, 3 wire + GND, 50/60 Hz

    480 V, 3 phase, 3 wire + GND, 60 Hz


    2.5kVA HSC powered from PDC

    Water Level Sensor

    24VDC powered from PDC


    TrojanUV3000Plus Brochure

    TrojanUV3000Plus Brochure


    Service & Parts Brochure

    TrojanUV Service & Parts Brochure


    Spring Checkup

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    Replacement Parts

    794447-0RD Lamp
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    TrojanUV 794447-0GN, UV Lamp
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    Trojan 917341-100, TrojanUV Lamp Driver
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    TrojanUV 794447G, UV Lamp
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    TrojanUV 327039, Wiper Seal Kit
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