TrojanUVFit AOP

Enabling drinking water remediation and potable wastewater reuse

Using UV Advanced Oxidation to Produce High-Quality Drinking Water

The TrojanUVFit® AOP offers global communities a proven method to address their need for clean water by using the UV Advanced Oxidation Process (also called UV AOP). UV AOP is an advanced treatment method that enables drinking water remediation and potable wastewater reuse – helping communities overcome growing water stress and meet demand.

UV AOP helps municipalities break down environmental contaminants to produce high-quality drinking water for their communities. These contaminants include: 1,4-dioxane, NDMA, MIB and Geosmin, although the TrojanUVFit AOP simultaneously treats microorganisms Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

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    Features and Benefits

    Graphic showing the AOP control system that is part of the TrojanUVFit AOP.

    State-of-the-Art AOP Control System

    The advanced UV AOP controller processes multiple real-time inputs, including flow rate and UV transmission. Field testing ensures accurate dose delivery and compare performance against desired treatment requirements.

    Compact Chamber for Installation Flexibility

    The compact footprint of the TrojanUVFit AOP simplifies installation and minimizes related capital costs – making it ideal for both retrofitting and new construction applications.

    Four TrojanUVFit® AOP systems installed on-site

    A pair of hands inspecting a lamp that is part of the TrojanUVFit AOP system.

    Reliable Performance with Easy Maintenance

    The TrojanUVFit AOP is designed for trouble-free operation and minimal service with lamps that are easily replaced in minutes without the need for tools. Access to internal components is simplified, with a service entrance at one end.

    Amalgam Lamps that Require Less Energy

    Our amalgam lamps maintain high output during their entire lamp life, with 20% less decline than competitive UV lamps. They maintain maximum output and reduce O&M costs.

    The TrojanUVFit AOP system

    View into the cleaning system of the TrojanUVFit® AOP from one end.

    Robust Sleeve Wiping System

    The automatic wiping system minimizes fouling of quartz sleeves and maintains consistent dose delivery with optimum performance. Automatic wiping occurs while the lamps are operating, reducing downtime.

    Intuitive Operator Interface

    The PLC-based controller combines sophisticated system operation and reporting with an operator-friendly, touchscreen display for easy operation and monitoring.

    The easy-to-use touchscreen interface that is used to operate the TrojanUVFit AOP.

    System Specifications





    Number of Lamps




    Lamp Type

    High-efficiency, High-output, Low-pressure Amalgam

    Sleeve Wiping

    Automatic wiping system; optional

    Lamp Driver

    Electronic, constant output (100% power) or electronic, variable output (60 to 100% power)



    Materials of Construction

    316L Stainless Steel

    Flange Size (ANSI/DIN), inches (mm)

    6 (150)

    10 (250)

    Outlet Flange Orientation

    Multiple orientations available 3, 6, 9 or 12 o’clock position

    Approx. Chamber Length, inches (mm)

    80 (2032)

    80 (2032)

    82 (2083)

    Max. Operating Pressure, PSI (bar)

    150 (10)

    150 (10)

    150 (10)

    Dry Chamber Weight, lbs (kg)

    107 (49)

    115 (52)

    400 (181)

    Wet Chamber Weight, lbs (kg)

    230 (105)

    877 (398)

    Power Distribution Center (PDC)


    Electrical Supply


    Single phase, 2 wire

    + gnd, 50/60 Hz L-L







    3 Phase, 4 wire +

    gnd, 50/60 Hz




    Dimensions (H x W x D) inches (mm)

    Type 12


    30 x 16 x 10 (760 x 410 x 250)


    36 x 30 x 10

    (920 x 760 x


    Type 3R

    Type 4X

    30 x 24 x 10 (760 x 610 x 250)

    Material here!

    Type 12

    Painted Mild Steel

    Type 3R

    Painted Mild Steel

    Type 4X

    304 Stainless (1.4301 in Europe)

    Panel Rating

    NEMA 12, 3R or 4X

    Network Interface

    Modbus RTU RS485, Modbus TCP/IP, AB Ethernet I/P, ProfiNet

    System Control Center (SCC)


    Panel is Required/Optional

    N/A (requires only PDC)


    N/A (see PDC)


    Type 12

    Painted Mild Steel

    Type 4X

    Stainless(1.4301 in Europe)

    Panel Rating

    N/A (see PDC)

    Typical Outputs Provided

    Chamber status, common alarms and SCADA communication

    Network Interface

    Modbus RTU RS485, Modbus TCP/IP, AB Ethernet I/P, ProfiNet


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