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The TrojanUVSwift® is a testament to our commitment to providing water confidence. It has been validated through microbial testing. Through this testing, performance data has been generated for UV dose delivery to inactivate microorganisms Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and Adenovirus.

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    Key Features and Benefits

    A TrojanUVSwift installation at a drinking water plant in British Columbia

    Compact Footprint

    Hydraulically efficient and compact design minimizes head loss and maximizes dose delivery. It’s engineered to fit into restrictive pipe galleries and can be installed vertically or horizontally, even immediately after a 90˚ elbow.

    Automatic, Dual-action Lamp Sleeve Cleaning

    The optional dual-action ActiClean® sleeve cleaning system uses a combination of mechanical wiping and an NSF 60-certified gel to provide unparalleled sleeve cleaning. Quartz sleeves and intensity sensors are cleaned automatically, without disrupting treatment.

    ActiClean sleeve cleaning system

    Operator replacing a lamp in a TrojanUVSwift

    Simplified Maintenance

    The UV chamber is fully serviceable from one side – allowing the system to be installed tight to walls, other equipment or piping. Routine maintenance procedures, including lamp change-outs and sensor calibration checks, are simple and require minimal time.

    At-a-glance Monitoring

    This PLC-based system controls all UV functions and dose pacing to minimize energy use while maintaining required dose. The controller communicates with plant SCADA systems for centralized monitoring of UV performance, lamp status, power levels, hours of operation and alarm status.

    Operator looking at TrojanUVSwift control panel

    TrojanUVSwiftECT installation in Andijk the Netherlands

    Upgradeable for Taste & Odor Treatment 

    Chambers can be configured for future expansion to cost-effectively meet increased capacity, system redundancy, or taste & odor treatment. The upgraded taste & odor system, known as the TrojanUVSwift®ECT, provides year-round treatment and simultaneous treatment for seasonal taste & odor events.

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    System Specifications


    TrojanUVSwift 12

    TrojanUVSwift 24

    TrojanUVSwift 30

    Max Flow Rate

    6 MGD (950 m3/h)

    25 MGD (3950 m3/h)

    40 MGD (6300 m3/h)

    UV Transmittance at 254nm/cm-1

    70 – 98%

    Number of Lamps

    up to 4

    up to 8

    up to 16

    Total Lamp Power

    1.8 – 12 kW

    5.7 – 75 kW

    14 – 200 kW

    Max System Pressure

    150 PSI (10 bar)

    Dual-Action On-Line Sleeve Cleaning System


    Max Ambient Operating Temperature


    Max Water Temperature




    316L SS

    Flange Types

    ANSI 12" 150 lb

    ANSI 24" 150 lb

    AWWA 30" Class B

    AWWA 12" Class D

    AWWA 24" Class D

    AWWA 30" Class D

    DIN 2576 300 mm PN10

    BS4504 600 mm PN16

    DIN 800 mm PN6


    BS10 TABLE E 24"

    DIN 800 mm PN10

    Drain and Vent Ports - Standard

    1-1/2" Vent

    1-1/2" Drain and Vent

    2" Drain, 1-1/2" Vent

    Drain and Vent Ports - Optional 

    3/4" NPT Adapter or Vent

    3/4" NPT Adapter

    NSF/ANSI/CAN 60, 61/372


    Control Power Panel


    Painted Mild Steel

    Environmental Rating

    Type 12 (IP54)

    Separation Distance (Chamber to Control Power Panel)

    Up to 60' (18.5 m)

    Up to 72' (22 m)

    Power Input Options

    480V, 3 Phase, 4 Wire + GND, 60Hz

    480V, 3 Phase, 3 Wire + GND, 60Hz

    380 – 415V, 3 Phase, 4 Wire + GND, 50Hz

    600V, 3 Phase, 3 Wire + GND, 60Hz (Step Down Transformer required)

    240V, 1 Phase, 3 Wire + GND, 60Hz


    240V, 3 Phase, 3 Wire + GND, 60Hz


    UL & CE Certfication


    Ethernet Network Interface


    Operational Data Trending


    Standard Hardwired Outputs - System On/Off Status


    Standard Hardwired Outputs - UV Dose


    Standard Hardwired Outputs - Alarm Status


    Remote Monitoring Modem




    Inlet/Outlet Valve Control


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    Replacement Parts

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    Trojan 913262, TrojanUV Lamp Driver
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    TrojanUV 820432, Natural Quartz Sleeve
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    TrojanUV 820776, UV Lamp
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    TrojanUV 820772, Synthetic Quartz Sleeve
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