Aquafine Logic Series

Aquafine Logic Series

Product Number: LOGIC

Robust UV water treatment system for chlorine and chloramines for the recreational water, life sciences and beverage markets.
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A robust, highly versatile and cost effective UV water treatment system featuring proven low pressure, high-output amalgam lamp technology

System of choice for meeting the rigid quality standards of the Recreational Water, Life Sciences and Food & Beverage markets. Featuring the industry’s most advanced low-pressure, high-output (LPHO) amalgam lamp technology - the TrojanUVLogic Series consists of a 316L stainless steel treatment chamber and a UL TYPE-3R 304 stainless steel control cabinet featuring a microprocessor-based controller. The L-shaped reactor design was developed using advanced computer modeling, resulting in 40% greater hydraulic efficiency than conventional systems.

The compact size maximizes installation flexibility and preserves floor space with the ability to mount in line, horizontally or vertically. Single-ended lamps and quartz sleeves allow fast lamp change-outs without tools, and features an optional manual or automated sleeve cleaning system that can be operated while the reactor is online. In addition to a comprehensive list of standard features, each system undergoes rigorous quality checks and electronic functionality and hydrostatic pressure testing before leaving our facility.

Aquafine Logic Series is used to destroy trace chemicals; ozone, chlorine, total organic carbon.The Aquafine Logic Series disinfects 99.9% of the following pathogens: E.Coli and Fecal Coliform.

FLOWRATES: 230-7,489GPM @ 95% UVT, 290-8,141GPM @ 99% UVT (Additional flowrates are also available)

MARKETS: Aquaculture, Food & Beverage, Life Sciences, Marine, Microelectronics, Oil & Gas, and Recreational Waters

APPLICATION: Chlorine/Chloramine Destruction, and Ozone Destruction


Amalgam Lamp Technology

The series features the industry's most advanced low-pressure, high-output (LPHO) amalgam lamp technology and utilizes this advancement as an efficient and cost effective alternative across many applications.