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Our HOME family of products treat the water at the point-of-entrance, providing quality water to every tap in your home

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Whatever your water source, the VIQUA family of high-quality, point-of-entry UV systems has a product to meet your needs. With flow rates up to 18 GPM, some of these systems are also suitable for light commercial applications.

With configurations that add sensor technology, third-party validation, or integral pre-filtration, there’s a UV system in VIQUA’s HOME family that is ideally suited to your needs.

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Easily protect your home’s appliances and fixtures from staining or hardness build up. Our HOME line-up of water conditioners addresses all the common “aesthetic” water quality issues with the promise of VIQUA quality and performance. Our HOME water conditioners incorporate proprietary technology, first-in-class design and chemical-free solutions wherever possible.


Our filtration products are designed to meet a range of needs. Choose high-performance cartridges for removal of sediments, like dirt and rust, or unwanted tastes and odors, such as chlorine and VOCs.

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Replacing your UV lamp annually with a VIQUA lamp ensures optimal performance of your UV water system. Failing to replace the lamp annually, or using a lamp not designed by VIQUA for a VIQUA UV system, voids system certifications and may affect your warranty.

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