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Avant Series

An advanced UV treatment and TOC destruction system for ultrapure water applications

Advanced Total Organic Carbon Destruction System for Ultrapure Water Applications

The Avant Series provides total organic carbon (TOC) reduction performance in a footprint up to 75% smaller than the prior series. Avant utilizes less energy and provides full flexibility for skid-mounted designs, with the ability to mount up to eight reactors.

The Avant UV System is used to destroy trace chemicals like; ozone, chlorine, and total organic carbon.

With the predictive maintenance capabilities, Avant ensures the system operates optimally and monitors the lamp characteristics of individual lamps. Alerts inform the plant operators to change a lamp before failure, reducing unplanned maintenance costs and downtime.

Avant’s innovation, and best in-class components reduce the total cost of ownership and drastically simplify operation and maintenance. Avant is the ideal solution for ultrapure water (UPW) plants in need of revolutionary UV technology.

How UV and TOC Reduction Works

Avant emits UV light in a 185 nanometer wavelength. This energy promotes the formation of free radicals, leading to the oxidation of organics into CO2 (carbon) and H2O (water) molecules. TOCs are destroyed and the oxidation process is complete.

Key Features and Benefits

Improved Performance icon

Improved Performance

Up to three-times more flow compared to the prior series systems. Avant satisfies the stringent low-level TOC requirements for high-flow UPW plants.

Compact Footprint icon

Compact Footprint

Use of high-performance lamp and sleeve material reduces the footprint by up to 75%—lowering the installation costs and maintenance expenses.

User-friendly Operator Interface icon

User-friendly Operator Interface

Intuitive interface enables at-a-glance system status checks. Avant makes the job easier for engineers and plant operators.

Predictive Diagnostics icon

Predictive Diagnostics

The advanced control features provide predictive maintenance alerts to help in preventing downtime.

System Specifications

Avant (4 Models)

 50-300gpm (11-68 m3/hr)

Avant-High Performance (4 Models)

 100-900gpm (22-204 m3/hr)

Lamp Type

 Low Pressure High Output

Lamp Driver

 Electronic (variable power)


 KC, UL (Canada & USA), CE


 316L Stainless Steel

Flange Size

 4 – 8 inch (10.16cm – 20.32cm)

Panel Rating Material

Modular: ULType 1 (IP51) Painted Carbon Steel

Standalone: ULType 12 (IP52) Painted Carbon Steel

Standalone: ULType 4x (IP55 with fan) 

Pressure Rating

 Up to 150 psi (PN10)


A brochure about the Aquafine Avant Series - an advanced TOC destruction UV system for ultrapure water applications

Avant Series Brochure


Replacement Parts

Aquafine Quartz Sleeve, 60", Single Ended, Natural
Price: Contact Us
Aquafine UV Lamp, L (60"/1524mm), 5-Pin HX 185nm, Magenta, 4 Pack
Price: Contact Us
Aquafine UV Lamp, L (60"/1524mm), 5-Pin HE 185nm, 32 Pack
Price: Contact Us
Aquafine UV Lamp, L (60"/1524mm), 5-Pin HE 185nm
Price: Contact Us
Aquafine Quartz Sleeve Kit, 60", Single Ended
Price: Contact Us
Aquafine Sleeve O-Ring (Standard And High Performance SLeeves)
Price: Contact Us
Aquafine Quartz Sleeve Kit, Single Ended, Synth
Price: Contact Us
Aquafine Operator Kit
Price: Contact Us
Aquafine Air Filter, 10" x 10" x 1"
Price: Contact Us
Aquafine Analog Module
Price: Contact Us
Aquafine UV Chamber End Cap Switch
Price: Contact Us
Aquafine Cooling Fan, 230V VAC, 412/423 453CFM
Price: Contact Us

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