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Avant Series

Advanced UV treatment system for ultrapure water applications

Revolutionary UV Technology for Ultrapure Water Sustainability

The Avant series from Aquafine incorporates innovations, and best-in-class components to utilize less energy while providing superior system performance.

The advanced water treatment system for ultrapure water (UPW) applications utilizes UV technology to break down trace chemicals such as total organic carbon (TOC)chlorine and chloraminesozone, and provides microbial inactivation.

The Avant series for TOC reduction features a 316L electropolished stainless steel chamber, designed to fit conveniently into existing piping galleries or tight spaces. With the ability to mount up to eight chambers, the Avant provides full flexibility for skid-mounted designs. The programmable logic controller continuously monitors and controls UV system functions including safety conditions.

The advanced control features provide predictive maintenance alerts when the lamp approaches end of life, show unusual power consumption, and/or unusual operating patterns to aid in preventing downtime and ultimately optimize the process.

  •  High Energy Savings
  •  Lower Lamp Replacement Costs
  •  Easy Maintenance
  •  Proven Core Components


Avant Series for Liquid Sugar applications also available

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Key Features and Benefits

Improved Performance icon

Improved Performance

Up to three-times more flow compared to the prior series system to satisfy the stringent low level TOC requirement for high flow UPW plants.

Compact Footprint icon

Compact Footprint

Use of high-performance lamp and sleeve material reduces the footprint by up to 75%—lowering the installation costs and maintenance expenses.

User-friendly Operator Interface icon

User-friendly Operator Interface

Intuitive interface enables at-a-glance system status checks. Avant makes the job easier for engineers and plant operators.

Predictive Diagnostics icon

Predictive Diagnostics

The advanced control features provide predictive maintenance alerts when the lamp approaches end of lamp life and show unusual power consumption or operating pattern to help in preventing downtime.

Guaranteed Performance & Comprehensive Warranty icon

Guaranteed Performance and Comprehensive Warranty

When you use genuine Aquafine parts, we guarantee that your system will meet the requirement specified at purchase, provided that the system’s original design parameters haven’t changed (e.g., flow rate, UV transmittance) and maintenance is completed per the UV system's O&M manual.

Global Support icon

Local Service, Global Support

Our comprehensive network of certified service providers offers ongoing maintenance programs and fast response for service and spare parts.

System Specifications

Avant (4 Models)

 50-300gpm (11-68 m3/hr)

Avant-High Performance (4 Models)

 100-900gpm (22-204 m3/hr)

Lamp Type

 Low Pressure High Output

Lamp Driver

 Electronic (variable power)


 KC, UL (Canada & USA), CE


 316L Stainless Steel

Flange Size

 4 – 8 inch (10.16cm – 20.32cm)

Panel Rating Material

Modular: ULType 1 (IP51) Painted Carbon Steel

Standalone: ULType 12 (IP52) Painted Carbon Steel

Standalone: ULType 4x (IP55 with fan) 

Pressure Rating

 Up to 150 psi (PN10)

High Performance, Compact Footprint

  • Avant High Performance (HP) series is an advanced total organic carbon reduction product line that provides improved performance up to three times than our previous series and most conventional UV TOC products.
  • The Avant HP series uses special grade quartz sleeve and lamps that significantly reduce the number of UV units by up to 75%.
  • Avant’s modular skid configuration allows multiple units to be stacked, taking advantage of Aquafine’s technology in a compact and easily expandable footprint.

State-of-the-Art Controls and Predictive Maintenance

  • Advanced lamp control: The system can be operated in three modes, allowing treatment to be optimized under changing conditions, and helping operators to meet their treatment targets while minimizing their electrical consumption and operating expenses.
  • Smart driver technology: The smart driver serves as a robust safety mechanism, recognizing lamp failures via individual lamp and driver monitoring, including power draw information. This allows operators to better troubleshoot and stay ahead of unplanned failures.
  • Remote system monitoring: The Avant series offers a comprehensive view of lamp and driver health for operational safety and evaluating condition of the system. Remote system monitoring reduces operational expenses and allows for immediate action if an issue may arise.

Optimize TOC Reduction with Extremely Efficient Lamp Technology

  • Aquafine's innovative lamp technology significantly cuts down on the number of lamps needed to cover the needs of high flow UPW plants.
  • The Avant High Performance series features high quality synthetic quartz lamps and sleeves, with which appropriate production methods, can result in significant decreases in required system size and power, while delivering performance-guaranteed TOC reduction.
  • Failure of lamps can go undetected, creating unacceptable bacteria counts that can cause real problems. Aquafine Colorguard® UV lamps offer best-in-class performance. The percentage of genuine Aquafine UV lamps which fail is less than .05%.


Avant Brochure

Avant Series Brochure


Replacement Parts

Aquafine UV Lamp, L (60"/1524mm), 5-Pin HX 185nm, Magenta (Colour)
Price: Contact Us
Aquafine Valve, BLEED ¼” MNPT 316
Price: Contact Us
Aquafine UV Chamber End Cap Switch
Price: Contact Us
Aquafine Fan, Filter MAT 6"X6" STD
Price: Contact Us
Aquafine Analog Module
Price: Contact Us
Aquafine Cooling Fan Filter Assembly, 13" x 13"
Price: Contact Us
Aquafine Cooling Fan, 230V VAC, 412/423 453CFM
Price: Contact Us
Aquafine RS485 Module
Price: Contact Us
Aquafine Temperature Switch, 50 deg C
Price: Contact Us
Price: Contact Us
Aquafine Air Filter, 10" x 10" x 1"
Price: Contact Us
Aquafine Quartz Sleeve Kit, 60", Single Ended
Price: Contact Us