Water Reuse

UV Treatment for Water Reuse

Meeting the Demand for Clean Water Supplies

Meeting the demand for clean water has never been more challenging. Communities around the world are facing a growing water stress – an insufficient supply, in terms of water quality or water quantity – and often both. Climate change, growing populations, aging infrastructure, and natural and man-made contaminants are contributing factors making it challenging for municipalities to meet the increasing demands for clean water.

Arid weather and prolonged droughts in areas have intensified the problem. Affected regions such as the southern United States, Australia, Italy, Spain and the Middle East and Northern Africa can no longer rely on natural replenishment of their water sources. Available surface water sources are declining and over-pumping of groundwater beyond natural recharge rates is lowering water tables, increasing groundwater salinity and depleting ground water sources.

Reuse Applications

A photo of a dried up lake or river in an arid region of the world

Efficient Water Reuse is Critical

Many water providers are turning to reuse as the solution to their water supply and quality challenges.

Water reuse can help municipalities:

  • Secure future supply throughout unpredictable environmental effects, such as extended droughts
  • Keep local control of their water supply to reduce dependence on costly imported water
  • Protect natural resources by reducing withdrawals from aquifers and other natural water sources

Sprinklers spraying water on crops

Non-potable Reuse

Non-potable reuse is the process of recycling wastewater to be used or sold for a variety of purposes including:

  • Recreational and agricultural irrigation
  • Industrial processes
  • Construction
  • Equipment and vehicle washing
  • Street sweeping

Potable Reuse

Potable reuse is the process of recycling wastewater for the augmentation of drinking water supplies by:

  • Treating water for the replenishment of groundwater supplies (indirectly back to drinking water)
  • Adding highly treated water directly into drinking water reservoirs or into the drinking water network

UV in Action

Orange County Case Study

Groundwater Replenishment in Orange County, California

The Orange County Water District’s Groundwater Replenishment System is the largest indirect potable reuse project of its kind in the world. It utilizes advanced treatment technologies, including the TrojanUVPhox for advanced oxidation, to recharge local groundwater through spreading basins and injection wells.

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Murcia Spain Case Study

Recycled Wastewater for Agriculture in Murcia, Spain

In Spain, advanced wastewater treatment for crop irrigation is a reliable solution that allows the pace of agricultural production to be maintained without compromising drinking water supplies. A wastewater treatment plant in Murcia installed a TrojanUV3000Plus to meet the treatment requirements of local regulations.

Read the Case Study

Sherbourne Common Case Study

Stormwater Treatment & Reuse in Toronto, Canada

Sherbourne Common is the first park in Canada to integrate a UV facility for stormwater treatment into the actual design and architecture. Stormwater is collected, treated and then reused in the park’s water features, which are used by residents, before the water is ultimately discharged into Lake Ontario.

Read the Case Study

TrojanUV Systems for Potable Reuse

A photo of a TrojanUVFlexAOP 200 Series chamber


The TrojanUVFlex®AOP is our latest UV advanced oxidation solution for the treatment of contaminants. It’s cross-flow lamp orientation enhances treatment efficiency and provides built-in redundancy. A compact and modular chamber design allows for easy expandability and installation in even the smallest of spaces.

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Feature and Benefits_Amalgam lamps

TrojanUVFit® AOP

The TrojanUVFit® AOP uses advanced oxidation treatment methods to produce high-quality drinking water.

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TrojanUV Systems for Non-potable Reuse

A photo of a TrojanUVFit chamber


Depending on site and design conditions, wastewater treatment plants producing filtered effluent sometimes prefer a treatment solution using in-pipe (also called closed-vessel) UV chambers. The TrojanUVFit® offers an effective, compact, and energy-efficient solution for non-potable reuse.

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A photo of a TrojanUV3000Plus module


The TrojanUV3000Plus® is one of the reasons why UV is now a favored technology in wastewater treatment. Often touted as a flagship UV system, it has demonstrated effective and reliable performance around the world. In fact, over 2,000 municipalities rely on it to treat over 30 billion gallons of wastewater every day.

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A photo of a TrojanUVSigna bank in a raised position


The TrojanUVSigna® incorporates innovations, including TrojanUV Solo Lamp® Technology, to reduce the total cost of ownership and drastically simplify operation and maintenance. It is the ideal solution for treatment plants in need of revolutionary UV technology.

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A photo of a TrojanUVFlex 100 Series chamber


The TrojanUVFlex® is ideal for non-potable reuse and other wastewater applications where the treatment of filtered tertiary effluent is required. It is designed with features to make installation and operation simpler, faster and more cost-effective than ever before. Built on the TrojanUV Solo Lamp Technology platform, TrojanUVFlex allows for energy-efficient high-intensity delivery of UV light in an extremely compact footprint.

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1.5 Billion Gallons of Recycled Water a Day

Over the last 30 years we’ve worked with hundreds of communities that are now collectively recycling over 1.5 billion gallons of wastewater every day.

Orange County Installation

Salamanca Installation

Over 30 Years of Experience in Water Reuse

Our involvement in water reuse began over 30 years ago when we invested and participated in research initiatives to understand the science of using ultraviolet light for reuse.

TrojanUV2000 installed at the Rapid Infiltration & Extraction treatment facility in California

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